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Choose a seminar from a wide variety of fascinating topics. Begin with classroom discussions that frame your seminar concepts and identify key issues. Take the learning beyond the classroom with site visits, meetings with local experts, and field trips. Castleton University is an ideal environment to take learning into your own hands, consider your college major, and learn from inspiring, expert instructors.

Creative Writing

Whether you want to write your first novel or create a poem that captures a specific emotion or experience, this dynamic workshop-style course is a step toward finding your voice and pushing your boundaries as a creative writer. Through personalized exercises led by published authors, develop skills in the genre of your choosing while exploring important craft challenges such as dialogue, imagery, narrative structure, word choice, theme, and storytelling technique. Read more

Farm to Table

From the farms, fields, and gardens to the dinner table, culinary traditions and eating local are the beating heart of Vermont’s identity. Dive into Vermont’s thriving food and farm culture, meeting with inspiring individuals and entrepreneurs who have dedicated their lives to the land. Expand your understanding of sustainable food systems as you sow, harvest, cook, and savor your way through Vermont’s food scene. Explore the challenges in the local Read more

Film Production & Studies

From major theater releases and streaming platforms to YouTube and TikTok, more video is being produced and consumed than ever before. Dive into the craft of video production and filmmaking in this production-oriented seminar to explore the medium’s potential for creative expression and visceral impact. Practice storyboard development, camera operation, sound recording, lighting, direction, and non-linear editing. Just as importantly, learn how to work as a team, translating ideas to visual Read more


Designed for photographers of all skill levels, this seminar teaches the basics of digital photography and composition before diving into more advanced shooting techniques and editing instruction. Whether your passion is portrait, landscape, adventure, or storytelling, build your confidence and nurture your creativity through one-on-one workshops with your instructor and group critiques. In the classroom, learn aesthetic principles and review the work of a variety of photographers, Read more

Service, Leadership, & Outdoor Education

Meet new friends, learn essential skills in outdoor education, and tap into your potential as a leader in Vermont’s Green Mountains. With your peers and instructor, explore Vermont’s forests and trail systems and undertake a series of exciting challenges as you learn to work as a team. Rotate responsibilities as the leader of the day, time-keeper, scribe, and inspiration-giver. Learn basic navigation and survival skills, learn how to build a fire, Read more

Sports Management

The ever-growing sports industry provides it all: entertainment for thousands, economic benefits, the thrill of competition, healing opportunities for citizens and communities in crisis, and marketing opportunities that stimulate economies near and far, to name just a few. In this seminar, explore the varied opportunities that sports management provides—including team and athlete management, sports marketing, or sponsorship management—while developing an understanding Read more

Studio Art

Develop and refine your artistic vision as you explore studio art through work in drawing, painting, sketching, and collage. This seminar, taught by a working artist, is for all middle school students regardless of skill level or experience. Expand existing techniques, establish new skills, and explore your creative side in both studio- and plein air-based lessons. Create pieces based on subjects ranging from the human figure to still life, from landscape to portraiture, Read more

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