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Choose a major seminar and a minor seminar, and dive deep into your academic subjects. Major seminars meet six days a week for three hours; minor seminars meet three days a week for two hours. Begin with classroom discussions that frame your seminar concepts and identify key issues. Then take the learning beyond the classroom with site visits, meetings with experts, and guest lectures from distinguished academics and renowned scholars.

Art History & the Renaissance

Experience firsthand the rich artistic heritage of the Italian Renaissance in all its forms, from painting to sculpture, from architecture to music. In the living classroom of Siena and Tuscany, understand not only the genius and craft of storied artists and thinkers, but also the cultural, social, and economic context that ignited such a “rebirth”—the intersection of talent, patronage, faith, and humanism. Explore these Renaissance treasures in their original settings and fully grasp the impact these works continue to have on modern thought and design.

Business, Banking, & Green Markets

Meet the economic protagonists of finance, both new and old, and explore challenges and opportunities of the expanding sustainable economy. With role-playing, guest speakers, and lectures, consider the practical aspects of green business, including management, finance, marketing, advertising, and public relations. Engaging discussions with leaders at Siena’s Monte dei Paschi Bank, dating from 1472, give us a sense of the deep financial tradition and innovation running through the city and university.

Drawing & Sketching

Dive into the fine arts and explore a multi-sensory artmaking approach as eyes and hands join to capture the beauty of Siena and Tuscany. Engage with Siena’s rich culture and heritage as you make discoveries about your own perceptions and the drawing process. Whether you are already a skilled sketcher or just starting, take inspiration from your surroundings to build a portfolio. Explore Siena firsthand as we sketch a variety of spaces and themes inside and out, drawing on the rich artistic heritage around us.

Farm to Table

Immerse yourself in Italian cuisine and food culture, considering issues of sustainability, preservation, innovation, revenue, and communication. Meet local farmers and producers, from small niche biodynamic orchards to major agribusiness protagonists, in order to better understand the synergy among land, food, and economic livelihood. Truly “food for thought,” consider debates and innovations in organic farming, food communication, GMOs, conservation, preservation, and promotion. And roll up your sleeves to learn the secrets of the best local dishes..buon appetito!

Fashion Design & Culture

Is there any country as fashionable as Italy? Experience firsthand the skill, vision, creativity, and mastery that combine to make Italy the fashion capital of the world. Join artisans in turning beautiful natural materials into signature style, and get real-world insight as you talk to fashion designers, promoters, and influencers. Learn how Italy positions itself in global fashion as a champion of both tradition and innovation, exploring the business on the runway and behind the scenes. Build your own portfolio, taking inspiration from the creativity around us.

International Relations & Diplomacy

The University of Siena boasts a strong tradition of scholarship in the field of international relations. In this dynamic seminar, lay the groundwork for a better understanding of the state of global diplomacy through lectures, thought-provoking discussions, and interactive exercises. Explore issues such as human rights, commerce and trade, human migration, climate change, and cybersecurity. Investigate the relationship between governments and state and non-state actors, and the role of international media. Identify the tools essential to policymakers and ambassadors alike and put them to the test through mock debates on various issues facing our world today.

Italian Language & Culture

Whether a principiante or maestro, beginner or whiz, learn how to better communicate in words and gestures just like Italians. In this seminar, build a solid foundation in phrases, expressions and cultural customs, with plenty of active onsite practice at the mercato, museo, caffè, and piazza. Dive into local traditions such as Siena’s storied horse race, Il Palio, and explore the rich history and beauty of the city as you practice with locals. Come away with improved cultural fluency and appreciation for Italian life, in addition to increased confidence in the nuances and joys of the Italian language.

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