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Choose a seminar from a wide variety of fascinating topics. Begin with classroom discussions that frame your seminar concepts and identify key issues. Take the learning beyond the classroom with site visits, meetings with local experts, and field trips. Colby College is an ideal environment to take learning into your own hands, consider your college major, and learn from inspiring, expert instructors.

For students interested in further STEM opportunities, Putney also offers a Career program in AI, Robotics, & Technology, in collaboration with the Davis Institute for Artificial Intelligence at Colby College. Click here to learn more about this program.

Architecture, Design, & Sustainability

Design expresses ideas in spatial, material, and cultural terms, drawing inspiration from diverse sources—a functional need, the structure of a leaf, a philosophical text. From architecture and urban planning to user-centric technologies, design can also be structured with sustainability in mind, forming interconnected systems that benefit both communities and the planet. Read more

Business & Entrepreneurship

What makes a business succeed in today’s market and what are the steps between identifying a need and opening your doors? In recent years, larger-than-life characters like Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk have dominated headlines and raised questions about leadership, charisma, and risk-taking, all while cornering their markets. Read more

Creative Writing

Whether you want to write your first novel or create a poem that captures a specific emotion or experience, this dynamic workshop-style course is a step toward finding your voice and pushing your boundaries as a creative writer. Through personalized exercises led by published authors, Read more

Environmental Science, Society, & Sustainability

Maine’s dramatic peaks, interior lakes, and magnificent seascapes have inspired countless environmentalists, including Henry David Thoreau and Rachel Carson. Colby College’s Environmental Studies program is one of the oldest in the United States and an ideal base from which to explore the relationship between humans and the world around us. Read more

Farm to Table

Dive into Maine’s thriving local food and seafood culture, meeting with inspiring individuals and entrepreneurs who have dedicated their lives to the land and sustainable fishing practices. Expand your understanding of sustainable food systems Read more

Fashion Design

Trace the history of the multi-billion dollar global fashion industry as we know it today. Gain an understanding of the environmental and consumer trade-offs of the fashion industry, one of the largest polluters in the world, and the movement toward sustainable production. Read more

Film Production & Studies

From major theater releases and streaming platforms to YouTube and TikTok, more video is being produced and consumed than ever before. Dive into the craft of video production and filmmaking in this production-oriented seminar to explore the medium’s potential for creative expression and visceral impact. Read more

Forensic Science

From CSI to Dexter, Sherlock Holmes to Bones, forensic science is portrayed in popular culture as a nearly magical tool in modern-day crime investigations. But is a drop of blood or a single strand of hair really the same as a smoking gun? In this seminar, look critically at case studies from around the world Read more


Designed for photographers of all skill levels, this seminar teaches the basics of digital photography and composition before diving into more advanced shooting techniques and editing instruction. Whether your passion is portrait, landscape, adventure, or storytelling, build your confidence and nurture your creativity Read more

Political Science

American politics has always been messy and complex, but our contemporary moment seems to be particularly so. What are the effects of polarization on our democratic process? How do Americans think about politics, and what role does identity play in political and electoral choices? How do our political institutions respond Read more

Pre-Med & Biomedical Ethics

If you think a future in health professions might be your calling, this introductory, lab-based course covers key concepts and principles in biology and examines broader ethical questions about practicing medicine. From the molecular level, learning how genes and proteins function in cells, to population-level discussions Read more


The principles of psychology permeate our lives every day, often in ways we don’t realize. How do we decide what to do? How much of who you are is determined by your family, your gender identity, or your friends? Understanding human cognition, emotions, and behavior allows psychologists to better predict how we may behave Read more

Social Activism, Service, & Leadership

From climate change to income inequality, food security to systemic racism, the world needs young people to be leaders. This seminar is designed for students who are passionate about advocating for a cause, who want to better their community, and seek to improve their leadership skills. Read more

Studio Art

Develop and refine your artistic vision as you explore studio art through a variety of materials, media, and perspectives. This seminar, taught by a working artist, is for students who are well-practiced in the field, as well as those who are new to creating art. Work in drawing, painting, sculpture, and mixed and new media Read more

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