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Choose a major seminar and a minor seminar, and dive deep into your academic subjects. Major seminars meet six days a week for three hours; minor seminars meet three days a week for two hours. Begin with classroom discussions that frame your seminar concepts and identify key issues. Then take the learning beyond the classroom with site visits, meetings with experts, and guest lectures from distinguished academics and renowned scholars.


Discover various disciplines in the field of engineering; electrical, industrial, mechanical, and aerospace through daily hands-on seminars, workshops, and field visits. Develop skills in critical thinking, communication, and experimentation as you work in teams to tackle engineering design challenges. Meet with working engineers and learn about their expertise and experience in the field. Explore how engineering creates solutions to critical issues in the world today, and its critical importance in a future shaped by science and technology.

International Relations

In this seminar, lay the groundwork for a better understanding of our interconnected and globalized world through lectures, thought-provoking discussions, and interactive exercises. Understand diplomacy today by looking at recent and historical international events. Delve into topics such as human rights, commerce and trade, human migration, climate change, and cybersecurity. Identify the tools essential to policymakers and ambassadors alike and put them to the test through mock debates on various issues facing our world today, and a conference in which you represent a country and work with others to advocate for your nation’s interests.


In this skills-based seminar, begin with an introduction to the principles and practices of journalism and digital media. Engage in dynamic assignments that cover topics such as how to find story ideas and how to effectively pitch those ideas. Develop techniques for writing fair, accurate, and engaging hard news. Craft questions and conduct interviews, utilizing a new set of observational skills. Hone your writing and express yourself with clarity and concision. Practice working with the constraints and possibilities of social media and video platforms, where many people now source their news.


Led by a senior professor of medicine, this seminar introduces students to multiple aspects of medicine, from the systems of the body, to career paths in clinical practice and research, to the latest developments in medical research today. Meet with researchers and medical practitioners to gain a better sense of the challenges doctors face and how the practice of medicine continues to evolve. Gain an understanding of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, HIV, and COVID-19 and their effect on the human body.

Shakespeare & the Creative Imagination

In this seminar, explore the work of Shakespeare and why it continues to fascinate us and stay relevant over 400 years later. Deconstruct his prose and poetry as you delve into his famous works, using the idyllic town of Oxford and the surrounding countryside as inspiration. Explore Shakespeare’s haunts, from the tavern at the Oxford Inn to St. John’s College, where he performed frequently. This is also a theatre seminar, with a wide variety of short workshops in skills such as gesture and voice, improv, timing, and stage combat. Act in and produce a series of Shakespearean scenes fitted to contemporary tastes.

History’s Secrets

In this discussion-based seminar, understand how human civilizations came to be, the timeline of major world events, and how they shape contemporary societies. Through engaging discussions, field visits, and guest speakers, set the foundation of human history on a global scale before diving into the history of your surroundings in England, from the Middle Ages to the present. Utilizing resources and tools in archaeology and anthropology, discover world-spanning histories using Oxford’s four university museums and world-class libraries as your classroom. Drawing on both primary and secondary sources, uncover surprising new findings in the historical record that might make us rethink our conception of some aspect of history.

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