About Pre-College

About Pre-College

Putney Pre-College programs are designed and operated by Putney Student Travel, a family-run organization that has provided transformative travel programs for young people since 1951. 

Putney Student Travel programs emphasize experiential and meaningful travel experiences that encourage discovery, foster curiosity, and nurture a global perspective in our students through cultural immersion and cross-cultural connection.

Our Pre-College programs extend naturally from Putney’s mission, goals, and core values. For three decades, Putney Pre-College has offered a unique spin on the standard summer class model. 

We’ve dedicated ourselves to preparing students for that all-important next step into college—both academically and socially—and continue to develop innovative and transformative pre-college programs for students in the U.S. and abroad.

We invite you to get in touch and meet the Putney team.

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